About Us

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At Trans Continental Medical Products Limited (TCMPL), our mission is to bring a better quality of life to the Caribbean region through high quality medical services. As the sole distributor of the only two HIV rapid diagnostic tests and the only tests for dengue and leptospirosis that have been government-sanctioned for use in the Caribbean region, we ensure that this area has access to life-saving medical services. We stand by our commitment to affordable, high quality products that meet the needs of this underserved market.


Our Products & Market

TCMPL primarily serves the English speaking islands in the Caribbean basin, including Trinidad and Tobago. We distribute high quality automated diagnostic machines, medical diagnostic reagents, medical consumables, and surgical devices to both the public and private sectors, serving a wide range of health care providers and institutions.

Since expanding our focus to automated diagnostic machines and surgical devices in April 2010, TCMPL has developed logistical partnerships with multiple distributors and manufacturers based in the U.S. Our principal market for these niche products is government entities in the Caribbean region.

Our Goals

  • Strengthening regional ties. We are continuously working to strengthen our relationships with health care providers in the region, allowing us to better understand their needs and serve their communities.
  • Introducing new product lines. TCMPL seeks to maintain its place as a leader in this consistently changing field by offering not only trusted products, but also new product lines.
  • Aligning with reputable suppliers. Our company is only as good as those it partners with. We aim to align ourselves with reputable, reliable suppliers of the medical products we distribute.
  • Enhancing quality of life in the region. The main goal and mission of TCMPL is to enhance the quality of life in this underserved region by enhancing the quality of medical services available.