An epoc® leap in point-of-care. The epoc® Blood Analysis System is healthcare’s first cost-effective POC testing solution to leverage Smartcard Technology and wireless communication to provide caregivers with real-time, lab-quality blood gas, electrolyte, and metabolite results at the patient bedside.

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Lower operational costs vs. alternatives
Single-use, room temperature test card storage
Free up laboratory resources
Improve operational efficiencies
Wireless communication of real-time test results
Remove time consuming hand-offs
Automated, built-in QC/QA
Portable, customizable and easily integrated into clinical workflow
Focus on patient care and make more timely clinical decisions
Improve documentation and results management


9 Analytes on 1 Test Card: pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Glu, Hct, Lac
Calculated values: cHCO3-, cTCO2, BE(ecf), BE(b), cSO2 and cHgb
Results in about 30 seconds
Room temperature test card storage
Critical result reporting
Test Card and patient ID barcoding
Test with 92 μL fresh whole blood
Operator / EQC lockouts
Transmit results securely in real time
Web-based epoc® Data Manager
HL7 Interface to LIS/HIS